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You hire house cleaners? Part THREE Nov 18, 2022

The funny thing is, I started writing about house cleaners a couple days ago because something happened last week that made me think, "I got to write a blog post about this."

I haven't even shared it yet. ha!

Last time my house cleaners were here, we discussed how they would be out of town over...

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You hire house cleaners? Part TWO Nov 17, 2022

I "SHOULD" be able to do this on my own.

Have you heard the phrase "stop shoulding on yourself"?

It's so ridiculous and I love it. Because we should all over what we think we should do and who we should be. It's really not helpful and kinda gross.

I should clean my own house.

Ok. But why?


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You hire house cleaners? part ONE Nov 16, 2022

I employed house cleaners about 5 years ago. At first, they came once a month to help with some deeper cleaning in my house. I was working full time and found that the occasional bathroom and floor cleaning just weren't cutting it.

And I wanted to spend more of my free time with my family.


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