You hire house cleaners? Part THREE

hiring house loyalty reciprocity sticky Nov 18, 2022

The funny thing is, I started writing about house cleaners a couple days ago because something happened last week that made me think, "I got to write a blog post about this."

I haven't even shared it yet. ha!

Last time my house cleaners were here, we discussed how they would be out of town over Thanksgiving holiday. I told them no stress trying to fit me in before they left, because I know how many people ask them to clean before their vacations.

"We can handle it," I told one of them.

She said, "No. Anna, we are coming to your house before we leave. We have a system, and the people who have been with us the longest, we see them on our short weeks. You are one of our main clients."

Would you be shocked if I told you that I whooped and pumped my arm in the air? Because I did.

She laughed because she knows I am a bit ridiculous. And then said something really sweet because she is a gem of a human.

The thing I thought to share was that RECIPROCITY and long-term value is real. In so many parts of our businesses and relationships.

I felt important to her. Because we have maintained a working relationship for over 5 years. The trust is established and she let me know she values me.

She wants to help me because I am consistent with her.

I want her to keep coming because I trust her team and she values our continued relationship.

This is true for my clients and students, too.

I know the ones who sign up for everything because they trust me and have seen results. They don't have to ask if it's going to work or not. They are truly loyal because they've put it to the test and grown their businesses.

In turn, I want to help them even more. I know they value my suggestions so it's easier to answer their questions. I overdeliver value to them because there is no worry that it will be taken advantage of or that they'll re-sell my content.

Loyalty and reciprocity. Yes, please!