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(love it) + (loathe it) x 10 = 1 day Jan 10, 2023

Maybe it's time 100.

Or 1000.

But if you feel like you are the only one who wants to quit your business and run away to another country every month or week or day, you are definitely NOT alone.

Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster. You know it. You've heard it said before, but when you are on the...

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Watching doing Sep 23, 2022

"I could do that," 

I say to my kids, as we watch the Olympics. It works for every sport and every category because, no, I can't do it how the Olympians are doing it. They are WORLD-CLASS athletes, after all.

"I could make that,"

I say to the YouTube show as they create the most amazing...

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Get the FIRE ready Sep 08, 2022

One of my online students and friends showed up every day for two years on Instagram. She understood her audience. She did the work and bought my courses and showed up on the LiVEs where we talked about audience.

When something funny AND kinda tragic happened in her life, do you know what she...

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Not WHY. Why not Aug 26, 2022

A better WHY!

Everyone is so focused on their WHY.

WHY are you in business?

WHY does your company matter?

WHY are you posting every day?

For the better part of a decade, brands and businesses have been focused on their “WHY” which is really a modern-version of “Mission...

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