(love it) + (loathe it) x 10 = 1 day

build entrepreneur experience expert marketing small business Jan 10, 2023

Maybe it's time 100.

Or 1000.

But if you feel like you are the only one who wants to quit your business and run away to another country every month or week or day, you are definitely NOT alone.

Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster. You know it. You've heard it said before, but when you are on the low parts you can still feel like you are the only one who wants to say, "Just kidding. Let me off the ride."

Today I experienced the loving and loathing so rapid fire.

"How am I so lucky? I get to do THIS for work? Amazing."


"I'm done. I quit. This is NOT worth it."

over and over again.

At one point, I got some information that made me want to cry.

Actually, I didn't WANT to cry, but I thought I might. So I went for a walk.

I texted a handful of my closest friends in the industry and said, "How many times a month do you want to quit?"

They responded:

"Hahah. 1000000000."

"How many days are there in the month? That's how many times. lol"

"It's getting less and less."

"Ready to quit everything and move out of the country? I'll go with you!"


Not one of them said never or rarely. They all feel it, too. And these are some really impressive people.

I figured at least one of them would say something less than I felt and it would confirm that they are more fit for entrepreneurship. It would be a clear reason I could point out for why they are successful and why I should quit. ha! But really... was I just not as strong as these friends?

Turns out they all feel the same way. And they take one step forward anyway.

Every day. Know that the loathing will eventually turn to loving... if you keep going.

I needed to hear it today. And maybe you did, too.