Get the FIRE ready

build connect Sep 08, 2022

One of my online students and friends showed up every day for two years on Instagram. She understood her audience. She did the work and bought my courses and showed up on the LiVEs where we talked about audience.

When something funny AND kinda tragic happened in her life, do you know what she did? She shared it with Instagram. Because she had been doing it consistently and knew who she was talking to. Her original thousand followers has grown to over 25k in what feels like a week (probably a month). She's now over 100k followers.

Some people call it an overnight success. But we know better. We know that she has shown up, built the fire framework, added kindling, kept it ready... and when the flame 🔥 hit it, she was ready. The fire could spread because she had done the work.

It’s been so fun to see her growth and the reactions from others to her content. I don’t doubt she will keep growing because she continues to strategize, do the work, and show up with the little pieces of reality.

The flame doesn’t turn into a growing fire on wet sticks. It doesn’t spread if the flame is an afterthought. It’s the consistent connection and creation that finds a way to turn into a raging fire and warm lots of people.

Don’t wait around for a fire to start on its own. 

Start doing the work now. 

Start figuring out WHO you are talking to, why they should care, and sharing content as thought they are already there.