Be loud about it

connect grow Sep 13, 2022

When I got realllllly sick 12 years ago, I thought for a few weeks that my life was ending. I remember praying—more like CRYING—to God to let me live a little longer. I held my third child while he was sleeping and just sobbed. I pleaded in prayer to see my kids grow up. To have a chance to get to know my newborn (my fourth child) and to be a good mother to all of them.

I will never forget that moment. It has brought me so much humility this last decade. Later that night, I decided to write down three things every day that I was grateful for. To focus on what was already around me, instead of worrying that it would all go away.

That next year I wrote three things of gratitude every single day. From ice to chocolate to laughter to card games. There was SO MUCH that I had when I took the time to notice. I was overwhelmed with gratitude.

I was grateful for that year. For the fact that I lived (spoiler alert) and that I was impressed to spend it finding abundance. It helped me see gratitude for this messy, chaotic, frustrating yet AMAZING life I get to have.

Be loud about your gratitude. Hear yourself say the things you are thankful for. Let your family hear you be grateful. Choose to say the things that are going RIGHT before complaining about the things that are going wrong.

I’ll start: I’m thankful for socks. My feet are always cold and thank goodness for socks. And I am so thankful for a garage to park my car in. First time in over a decade. I’m grateful for colorful garlands, dangly earrings, electricity, and fruit all year long.

And you. I’m seriously humbled that people listen to what I have to say and respond back to me. What an amazing time to be alive that we can connect with each other all over the world. 

Thanks for being here. 

Thanks for stopping me at stores and saying hi. 

Thanks for listening to my crazy Stories and tolerating my puppets. 

Thanks for liking candy or at least not saying you hate it. 

Thanks for sharing my stuff with your friends. I’ll never get over how cool that is. 

Thank YOU!