Check your bio

bio brand instagram Mar 01, 2023

Have you looked at your bio lately?

The one in your Instagram account.

Have you read it? As though you were meeting you (your account) for the first time?

Is it accurate? Is it updated? Is it about what THEY can expect if THEY follow? (As opposed to what most bios unfortunately do, which is talk about THEMSELVES!)

Most importantly, does it have a CTA (a call to action)?

If not, fix it immediately.

Here are 5 examples of CTAs that are working in bios now:

  • Tag your photos #_______
  • Work with me here:
  • All the best links below
  • Subscribe to [our System] HERE:
  • Check our Stories for top deals

W︎︎hy these work: They aren't the same ol' same ol' calls to action saying you should follow or see all the links and then YOU have to do the work.

They're specific.

They tell you what results you'll get without wasting your time or their bio space.

For example, "tag your photos" with a branded hashtag works amazingly well for an event, product brand, or location. People understand that THIS is how you get featured and how the brand and account finds other posts to share or connect with. Big brands and resorts are using this in their bios right now.

"Check out Stories for top deals" might not sound like a top-performing CTA, but it tells NEW audiences that you post often in your Stories and even though there might not be a lot going on today, there will be on other days. It's worth following and seeing what you're missing out on.

Want more Calls to Action? Awesome. We have hundreds in our Instagram System that gives you an entire month of what to post and share, including CTAs, hooks, caption starters, and more. Check it out HERE: