Connection > Perfection

connect social media Sep 16, 2022

(originally written and shared in December 2019)

Let me tell you a little story about my new neighbors. They moved in a few months ago (which is a few months after we moved in). I can see their backyard from my office window so I think of them every single day.

I made a plate of Rice Krispie Treats to bring them and wanted to make sure I had showered and looked presentable before bringing them over. The RKTs got stale and someone ate them. 😬

That happened twice.

Then she (the female of the neighbor family) mentioned in church that she LOVES candy. I was like, 😮 ME TOO! So I started collecting some of my favorite candy to bring her. They sit on my desk next to my window that oversees their backyard.

The excuses I have are limitless. And a few of them are even valid. The connection has been ZERO.

To be sure, I don’t need to bring a single thing over other than my hand to shake and maybe clean breath. But I haven’t done anything because I wanted a sincere welcome. With a treat.

In our 14-day challenge last week, we talked about how connection is more important than perfection. The caption, your photo, the Stories... we overthink what we share instead of JUST SHARING. People don’t care about perfection... and if they do, maybe we don’t want them in our audience anyway.

We are all CRAVING CONNECTION. People will sell you on growing your business FAST or their “six-figure” solution (which is a rant for another day) with fancy videos and photos and edits galore. Cool cool cool. What we really want is to connect.

It’s what I want. It’s what you want. It’s what your audience wants. (And it’s probably what my neighbor wants.)

Stop overthinking it. Stop waiting until something is perfect to share. Share now. Reach out. Post. Ask questions. Connect.

That’s the real treat.

(And yeah, I’m gonna go say hi right now. Also, I am opening up another challenge for the beginning of the year. Stay tuned. Good stuff coming!)