Deleted? Disappeared?

content creation delete disappeared disappointment Nov 04, 2022

Yesterday I wrote a blog post that I thought nailed it!

It was gone today.

Last week I created a Reel I worked on for WAY longer than I typically spend on Reels and felt like it was pretty cool. It was a 90-second Reel and it would never post. Couldn't save it. Couldn't make it a draft. Would not be shared.


This happens more often than we ever want to discuss.

Because it's frustrating. It reminds us of the college essays we didn't save often enough in our word processing software and then the computer unexpectedly shut down and we lost the whole essay.

No? That was me?

Emails that deleted. Computers and phones randomly dying. Texts not going through. Photos disappearing. Videos without audio.

So many ways to "lose" our work, content, memories.

It's a bummer, for sure.

And we have all been there.

What are our choices? Create again. Rewrite. Take more photos. Send another text. Try repeating the work.

This isn't going to be part of the blog post where I say, "Don't worry. Your second and third versions are always better than the first anyway," because NOPE.

My blog post yesterday was fire.

I know it was better than the one I wrote today, trying to remember what I had written originally yesterday, then post-dated.

Yesterday's was inspired. The second version is great—don't get me wrong—but I know it's not quite the OOMPH that the first one was.

Sometimes your second and third versions are better. Sometimes they're not.

The key is to roll with it. Stuff gets deleted.


That's the motto I use when things don't go according to plan. Which is often. Especially in a digital world.

Ok. My blog post is gone. Now what? I write it again. 

Roll with it. Because 90% of the time things go the way we hoped or better. The emails send. The texts go through. Our photos are saved.

We can roll with the rest.