Dirty dishes

content creator social media Oct 13, 2022

If you've ever had dirty dishes sit in a sink...

you know how much more difficult they are to clean once they have crusty, dried food on them.

Looking at a sink full of dirty dishes is overwhelming. You want to keep pushing it until you REALLY need a clean plate or fork...

... or until someone else cleans them.

Your social media is often like dishes. You have content ideas, you get inspired, you WANT to use the apps to connect to your people, but you add them to "the sink" until you feel ready or have time to post (or clean).

Then these ideas feel stale or crusty or you forgot all about them.

When it's time to finally post again, you search around for one and throw it on your page and think, "well, I don't love it but it's better than nothing." And I agree. Something is often better than nothing. A quickly-washed spoon is better than nothing when eating cereal.

Might I suggest two alternative ways to keeping your social media sink clean and dishes/posts always ready?

1. Use your Notes app.

Or whatever app you use easily and frequently to take notes. HOT TIP: Use the microphone option to dictate your ideas. In one to two minutes you have fresh ideas you can use whenever it's time to post. No more searching and posting crusty 😉 content that doesn't feel quite like the idea you originally had.

2. Post immediately.

This one sounds intimidating until you do it. Sure, it takes a little longer than the 1-2 minutes it would take to dictate the idea to your notes app... but the more you practice immediate posting, the more natural it will become. And you'll have more clean dishes/content to use. You can even create it and then "Save Draft" until you decide to "Share" to your audience.

Just like the dishes in your sink, getting those ideas written down and put away before they get crusty and stacked ridiculously high will help new ideas and content find space in your brain.

Plus, there will always be something for your audience to use. Like clean dishes always ready.

Is the metaphor working yet? I just thought of it 10 minutes ago while cleaning dishes that had gotten a little crusty in my sink, so I knew I had to get it written and share.

After I had cleaned the dishes, of course.

Go share your ideas! 🙌