Do you visit the post office?

instagram old instagram post office tools Dec 05, 2022

As I was standing in the post office today, I got a message from someone wishing "OLD Instagram" would be the current app version.

"I don't make Reels and I never plan to... I just want pictures for my digital scrapbook."

Great! Use it for that!

Since I was standing in a post office, I messaged back about a post office. Naturally.

You can choose to ONLY send letters. The post office will send those letters for you as long as you bring them in with a stamp.

In fact, they'll even pick them up at your house and take them to the post office for you.

But maybe you are starting a business and want to send packages. Maybe you need to send a lot of packages. The post office can do that, too.

Need a PO Box? They got 'em.

Perhaps you want to send your ONLY LETTERS to someone with a PO Box. You don't need to have a PO Box, but you can send your letters to one.

Looking around, I noticed gift cards for sale, packing tape, self-service scales and shipping. I'm sure there are plenty of things offered at a post office that I didn't notice or have never used.

I was actually sending one solitary letter that I needed postmarked today. That's the whole reason I was there. Doesn't mean the post office should only mail letters because that's what I used it for.

There are options to serve a diverse audience.

Instagram (NEW Instagram) offers all kinds of tools to fit what their users need.

You might only post photos or look at photos. Still works.

Someday you might take advantage of more of the options. Even if not, it still works. And it's pretty fantastic.