Excuses excuses

audience excuses social media Nov 09, 2022

"Sorry I didn't post yesterday..."

"I know it's been a while..."

"So many of you have asked where I've been..."

"We've been so slammed with the sale which is why we haven't been on here..."

Can I tell you a really big secret about excuses like these?


Sure, they care. Of course. People have emotions and feelings and stuff.

But they don't care if you've missed a day or two. Not really.

They care about their lives. Their busy-ness. Their time on and off the apps.

What happens when you come in with the excuses for your absences? The people reading said excuse think one of a few things:

  1. Huh. I didn't notice they were gone. 🚩
  2. They think THEY are busy. They have no idea how hard MY life is right now. 🚩
  3. I wonder what the drama is that made them miss. 🚩

You might be thinking to yourself, "That's not true. When people I follow say they've been gone, I am always glad to see that they're back."

Sure. We are kind people, for the most part.

But in the back of our brains, we are also taking little mental notes. Did we notice? Do we care that they were gone? Did we feel any lack? Do their excuses match up with mine? Do they want me to feel sorry for them? Do I feel sorry for them? Does this make me feel bad for my life and my issues? Should I compare to my own experience? Why are they telling me this? and hundreds of other nano-second thoughts.

Are you "allowed" to miss days?

OF COURSE! Please do.

Ok, but it sounds like you can't miss and then come back to explain why you were gone. What can you do instead?

You just get back on.

Start sharing again. No excuses.

No 🚩🚩 for why your audience might not care that you missed. Just share.

But I want to explain why I was gone.


That's it? You aren't going to tell me I shouldn't??

I already did. If those reasons aren't good enough and you realllllly want to start off with excuses, do it. It's your account and business and community.

But, why shouldn't I give excuses? It feels kind to explain.

Kind to whom? To your ego? To your masses waiting at the door of your building just waiting for a word to explain why they've been waiting in the cold for so long? They're not waiting. There is plenty of content keeping them company. And when you come back, they'll notice your posts and think, "Oh yeah. I missed them." or simply "Cool."

If some people send you DMs saying, "I've been wondering where you've been" or "Are you OK?" answer them. Why not? Let them know you appreciate their concern and glad to be back. Or just say "Thanks! It's all good. How are you?"

A few DMs does not mean everyone is waiting.

Start sharing. No excuses.