Finally we can pre-share!!

instagram news schedule share easy Nov 12, 2022

You can now SCHEDULE your shares on Instagram!! FINALLY!!

Just like all new features, this will take some time to roll out for all accounts.


We get to schedule what we share on Instagram up to 75 days in advance.

Cool cool cool. Seriously. Cool.

But… don’t go so fast. What are you going to share? Is it about sharing tons of content and doesn’t matter as long as it’s something?


Or should we be even more aware of what we share. Is it relevant? Is it connecting? Are we still responding and communicating?

This announcement couldn’t have come at a better time as we just released our new Content System membership for IG. We give you the filled-out calendar, the caption starts, the prompts, the video explanations, the Stories… everything you need and no more guessing. Plus a community on Instagram with LIVEs and coaches to help you succeed.

It’s the perfect time to ramp up your Instagram game. That’s why we opened our doors for the Share Easy.

Think of it as your physical trainer for IG that’s going to whip you into shape… while having fun and growing your business. Head to SHARE EASY to get the details!

The December calendar will be sent out to members on November 15… and that’s when the doors close for this month. Don’t miss out on the intro price, too. Lock it in!! 🙌🙌