gotta exchange

community exchange influencers instagram social media value Jan 23, 2023

It happens all the time.

People start a social media account because of PASSION.

They're excited.

They want to change lives, make a difference, connect with others.

And that is an awesome place to start.

Then... they start getting frustrated. Hitting roadblocks. Getting negative feedback. Trolls. Misunderstood.

Many times they push through because the good outweighs the bad.

Maybe they grow their audience. They get some positive feedback. Kind messages. Shares and re-shares.

They start to collaborate or try new things. They feel excitement again.

But then...

People start asking for more. Demanding their time. Resources. Wanting a lot for little to nothing. Even the community members who were once a source of joy and positivity are starting to feel draining.

This is when many realize there has to be an EXCHANGE of VALUE.

What is value?

It is attention, money, services, or goods.

It is the exchange humanity has required since the beginning of time. I will give you bread and you will give me apples. I will watch over your family and you will give me a portion of your hunted meat. I give you money and you mend my shoes.

There has to be exchange for us to continue without feeling worn out and sucked dry.

It does NOT mean we lack passion or excitement. That can still be there or returned. But as our time and resources continue to focus on this project or account, we need exchange to continue.

This is difficult for many people to accept. They didn't get into this for money.

But they also feel overwhelmed and under-appreciated.


It keeps the energy and excitement flowing. It's a good thing. Figure out what that exchange is and go for it. Get it. Stay passionate.