Halloween IG glitches

glitches instagram instagramdown Oct 31, 2022

Holy Instagram Glitches, Bat-friend! 😆

Did you see all of the glitches on Instagram this morning?

Millions of accounts were “kicked out” or told their accounts were suspended.

Many noticed huge dips in their audience (followers) and getting kicked out or moved to other accounts they were logged in. 

Glitches all over!

Did you experience any of that?

Are you still?

It looks like Instagram is working a lot of those glitches out, but it's a good reminder that there is more to online relationships than our social media accounts.

Which probably sounds crazy coming from me, who has programs and Sprints helping small businesses use Instagram.


But, my goal has ALWAYS been to help you use Instagram better and more effectively to reach your real goals.

Goals like sales, growing awareness, community, and getting new clients.

Instagram is a tool to get you to your goals. Instagram isn't your goals.

The programs and Sprints are to help you use the tool more easily to reach your goals effectively.

So, yes, I teach about Instagram—even when it glitches—and the goal is to have you spending less time on Instagram. Unless you like worrying about glitches and constantly wondering what to post, make, share.

Instagram will glitch again. That's the nature of digital programs, especially those who are changing and adapting.

Don't worry about IF it will glitch again. It will!

Plan on it.

Also, keep planning on how to share on Instagram and moving people to your website, email lists, SMS, and your business. When a massive tool that does awesome things has issues, you don't throw away your whole project. You wait until to the tool works again or get it repaired.

Oh… and Happy Halloween! (Maybe it was a big trick to see if we are paying attention?? 😆)