Hooks without words

attention hook instagram reels social media tiktok Oct 20, 2022

Someone recently said they hate the term "hook" because it makes people sound like fish.

And that we just want to catch them.

I mean, I guess that's true. But find a better word for grabbing attention and then keeping people on the line. Giving them value and sharing what can help them/serve them.

"Hook" is just a simple word. Let's not overthink it. ;)

You don't need words to "hook" or get attention. It can help, but there are other things you can do that will draw people in and want to continue to watch.

Look at a few videos on Instagram Reels or TikTok and see what gets you to keep watching.

Sometimes it's the setup. Someone holding a remote control like a microphone and a windblown effect on their hair... you want to see what they're going to sing/say.

Sometimes it's a shocking action. A woman adding two eggs to a bag of Doritos chips. In the first two seconds we think, "Wait... what is she going to do with that? Is she ruining the chips?"

Other times we can grab attention with a prop or outfit or backdrop/scenery.

You have three seconds to "hook" people in to watch more. If your visual isn't doing it, use words. If words are too long, make sure the visual does the hooking.

Have you seen a video recently that got your attention right away without words? What was it?