I made you look

content music social media Nov 14, 2022

If you haven't been online for more than a week, then maybe you haven't heard the new Meghan Trainor song "I made you look"!

But if you have been online, you've probably heard it 100 times today. No? Just me?

It is STUCK in my head.

So much so that I am starting to dissect the lyrics. ha!

Some of the best content plays with our brains in multiple ways. At first, it's just nice or catchy or fun. Then, we realize the next layer of truth or message. Sometimes this repeats for multiple messages.

The point is, it sticks with us because it hits more than one sensation or sensibility.

It weaves into layers of our awareness. We like a song because it sounds fun. Then we like the words because it confirms our identity. Then we hear a line that makes us feel like we are on the inside of the "joke" or community. Eventually we are not only singing it, but sharing it with friends, making Reels and TikToks with it, and writing part of the lyrics as captions or blog titles or texts between friends.

Layer after layer it takes up space in our brain space. Even when we get frustrated that it's replaying in our head.

Good content can do that to us. Not just music, but movies, short video content, Tweets, memes, quotes, interviews, all kinds of shareable content.

Even "not good" content can be good content if it circles back enough times to become part of the space in our brains. It is so bad it is good. As long as it makes us look.