If you think you're the hero...

audience marketing Oct 27, 2022

You might be the villain.


Hear me out. In messaging and marketing, we often talk about making the customer the hero.

The buyer is the hero.

The audience as hero.

The BRAND is not the hero.

"But," you might be thinking, "Anna... our product (or brand or service or education) can help them be the hero. They need it. This thing we offer helps them."

Helps them what?

Helps them be the hero.

I don't worry about what my athletic shoes look like in the box. I want to know if they will make my daily walks more comfortable. More effective. Will they transition to wearing on vacations? Do I like how they feel or look ON MY OWN FEET?

The shoes aren't the heroes.

The brand who makes the shoes isn't the hero.

I buy the item because I want to be the hero.

You feel me?

The more you make the message about YOU or your brand, the less it becomes about the audience. They don't imagine themselves using your product. They don't think about how it helps make their life easier, makes them more money, gives them more time, elevates their status. It becomes about YOU or your PRODUCT, not the person you are talking to.

Which sounds like a villain.

Villains soliloquize. They monologue. They talk about themselves.

The hero has time to escape.

Don't make the mistake of villain marketing thinking its hero marketing,

Make your audience the hero.