Mall math

connect conversion engagement instagram mall math sales small business Nov 22, 2022

When was the last time you visited a mall?

The malls of my childhood are long gone, but let's pretend we are back in a bustling mall in 1995. People are THERE and ready to shop.

Let's also imagine you have a store inside that mall. It looks a lot like your Instagram account and what you offer.

If 1000 people came to the mall one day and 100 of them came into your store, that would be considered a great percentage of shoppers visiting (10%—or those who engage with your account).

From those 100 shoppers, if you sold at least one item to 10%, you would know that your products are appropriately targeted. You would be wise to continue buying similar inventory for your store.

Overall, you are selling to 1%.

Does that sound successful to you?

The mall—in this scenario—is not Instagram. It's your followers on your Instagram account. If you could convert 1% of your current followers to buyers, you would know your offer is relevant and connecting.

The trouble is, most people change their offer or shift because they don't realize that 1% is considered successful conversion.

Are you converting 1%? 

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