Miss a Day

writing Oct 29, 2022

What happens when you miss a day?

Sharing on social media or your blog or email?

I set a goal to write every day, M–F on this blog. For myself.

For ideas.

For writing practice.

For whomever it may help whenever they might discover it.

And Friday got away from me.



Just write a quick somethin-somethin on Saturday. You're not missing, just a little tardy.

No need to make excuses why Friday was so hectic or unable to sit down and write a line.


Waiting until Monday would be worse. For me.

Because then it would be easier next time to miss a day. Then two. Then a week.

I'll write a little something today...

to remind myself that adding is better than ignoring.

Later is better than nada.

Today is better than Monday.

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