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marketing social media Nov 01, 2022

The most difficult thing to learn in marketing is also one of the most generous.

That is this phrase:

This is not for you.

But we want EVERYONE to buy from us. Because that means more sales, right?


You are not for everyone. I am not for everyone.

The more you can tell people who your product or service is NOT for, the more you will find the right people.

Bonus: you won't need to spend so much time convincing the wrong people to stay or pay or play or care.

Put your time into the right people.

Don't sell to everyone.

My programs are not for you if you hate Instagram.
If you don't want to connect to people.
If you'd rather spend all of your money on flyers.
If you think social media isn't real.
If you aren't willing to let things go and keep trying new things.

If you are an enterprise business, my courses are not for you. But my one-on-one services are.

If you are a small business, my one-on-one services are not for you. But my courses might be.

If you are just starting a business, my programs will be here when you're ready. But not right now.

Are you letting people know when "this is not for" them?

Try it.

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