Read the sign!

May 10, 2023

Do you do this, too?

I love taking pictures of signs on trips.

Let me rephrase: I don’t like reading long plaques. That’s my least favorite thing, but it’s Alan’s favorite. But…

I love signage that I don’t see often.

Like this one.

What causes a sign like this to be made?

How long were people visiting?

What kind of traffic was being seen to necessitate a sign with the words ONLY in their own font size and on their own line?

Also, it makes me laugh when I see a sign in a non-English-speaking country written only in English.

Ahem. I digress.

What is the kind of thing you feel like you answer often?

What is the question people ask you about that you wish you had a big bold sign to say it for you?

Or… what do people not seem to know that you wish they knew? It would make their life easier and your business run more smoothly?

Did you think of one?

Or more?

Put that in your bio. But make it gracious, not angry.

Or… put that in your Instagram Highlights, a FAQ page on your website, or a link that people can easily find and get answers.

Many businesses say they don’t know what their audience’s pain points are OR how to help them best.

The answer can sometimes be found in the thing you would turn into a big bold sign.

“Connect with your customer on social media.”
“Find joy in parenting teenagers.”
“Wear clothes that make you feel happy!”
“Spend less money on fun vacations!”
“I will take the stress out of selling your home.”

What would be your sign?