Sunflowers die

brand cycle Oct 19, 2022

I go for a walk almost every morning.

It's amazing what it does for my mental clarity. Even in the middle of winter or on a "horrible weather" day.

There's a nature preserve area close to my home that has some simple dirt trails, trees, a little creek, and natural foliage that is my go-to spot. I like to watch the seasons change in a place I am not responsible to mow, water, weed, etc. It just is.

This morning, I noticed how the sunflowers that I had taken pictures of just a month or two ago are all dead and wilted.

They are actually perfect for Halloween. Kinda creepy, actually.

But completely dead.

These sunflowers are no longer facing the sun. They aren't yellow and bright. Their time is over.

That's how cycles work.

Even though "my" sunflowers are dead, someone else somewhere else in the world could have bright yellow sunflowers blooming. Or in their greenhouse. Or at their store. But these flowers are dead.

No use wishing they were alive or blooming. It's time for them to move on. Spread any seeds they have left and wait for next year.

How often do we look at content or messaging or marketing the way we "used to do it" or what worked months ago and see it working for other people now?

We wonder if we should go back and try it again? Or wish we were "blooming" with that content now.

No. It's a cycle. It moves on. Don't worry where someone else is in their cycle. Move on to the next.

It might cycle back, but you can worry about that when the season comes again. Right now, look at the content you are creating. The message that works for you and your audience in this season.

I looked around and noticed a small tree that was so colorful in the autumn change of color. I didn't even notice this small tree a few months ago when the sunflowers were blooming. 

This tree was there before... but now it is shining. Now is the time for it to be noticed.

Cycles. Seasons.

Keep going and don't worry what sunflowers and trees are doing in other people's companies.