The Law of Assumption, Gratitude, and Instagram

2023 assumption gratitude growth instagram Jan 17, 2023

The Law of Assumption is, at its most basic: Assume what you want to happen.

Imagine it is already on its way.

"Awesome things happen to me."

and more specifically:

"Instagram is easy and I will find the right people when I share."

Gratitude is noticing and verbalizing your fortune and good things.

When you think about Instagram (or any social media app) and how much it has already done for you... brought joy, connection, community, sales, education... verbalize it.

These are free tools for connection and marketing. That's amazing.

Instagram is a program.

It doesn't have feelings.

It's not out to get you or have nefarious designs. It is computer intelligence designed to connect and attract attention.

WE make it easy or difficult.

WE make it complicated or beneficial.

Attraction + Gratitude + Instagram = your 2023 growth

If you say, "This is overwhelming and I can't do it," guess what becomes true?

Replace it with: "I can create content that resonates with the right people and grow my business."

Then that becomes true.

Find a statement to assume about Instagram and say it every day for a week.

Here are a few examples:

"Instagram is a cool way to share my talent and my content will find new people."

"I have great ideas to share and it will help the people who need it."

"I am lucky that I can find success when I share on Instagram."

Let me know how it goes and how it GROWS!

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