The wealthy buy this...

grow learn Sep 30, 2022

Listen, I get it. You would rather spend your hard-earned money on some new shoes or put it toward a trip to somewhere warm for the winter.

I want to go on trips, too. 

Here's a truth I learned from one of my mentors: 

Average people spend money on products. Money spent on STUFF is money gone.
Stuff depreciates.

Wealthy people spend money on education to learn what the wealthy know.Money spent on LEARNING has an almost immediate ROI (return on investment).Education increases value.

I have spent thousands of dollars on education. THOUSANDS and thousands of dollars.

And guess what? Every time I take myself and my business seriously, I MAKE MORE MONEY!

It's the craziest thing.

Except it's not THAT crazy. I have spent twenty years working in marketing and I have seen over and over again that the people who make the most sales and have the most success are those who take their business seriously, learn NEW trends, and adopt new advertising methods.

I bet you've seen it, too.

Think of the old grandpa who refuses to get a website or an email because "people will find our store, just as they have for years." Is Grandpa THRIVING or SURVIVING? Or neither?

Or perhaps you know of a business who continues to post advertisements in the newspaper and penny savers and coupon mailers. They believe that those methods still produce sales.

We should spend THOUSANDS of dollars on a billboard...
... that maybe a few thousand people will see?

(and we don't even know if they are our target audience.)

Hey! Let's spend MILLIONS of dollars on a television commercial...
...that most people fast forward right through anyway.

(and we can't even track who saw it.)

Or MAYBE (I don't know, I'm just throwing it out there) just MAYBE we use this FREE TOOL called INSTAGRAM and target our perfect audience, warm them up, make them feel seen and important, give them value, and then make MASSIVE SALES. 
Sounds too easy.

If it were EASY, everyone would be crazy successful on Instagram.
And truthfully, loads of followers does not equal success.

Success on INSTAGRAM means understanding and increasing the metrics that matter, making sales, collecting information, creating impact, growing community, booking clients, training your audience, and knowing how to keep them!

Success on Instagram means putting in the work and INVESTING in PROVEN METHODS.

Success is NOT HACKING.



Instagram Success is understanding how to invite people to your party and getting them to show up. It's creating trust and value so there is NO QUESTION that they're attending your party. It is using the skills, knowledge, and techniques to create content that matters.

I have proven Instagram Success to hundreds of clients. Yes, hundreds. And thousands of students have used my tips and insight to increase sales and LOVE Instagram again.

And it's easier than you think. But it does take commitment from someone who is READY!