Trending audio is OUT

instagram trends Oct 26, 2022

A trend is out?

Say it isn't so.

Trending audio has been on the lips and minds of Instagram creators and coaches for over a year. And I am here to tell you to let it go.

Three reasons why trending audio is not helping you:

1. It's annoying/basic

People scrolling through Reels do not want to hear the same audio over and over again. It gets boring, then annoying, then upsetting. If the goal is to get people to watch your Reel and connect with you and they are annoyed by the audio before they even see your video... that's not ideal.

2. Copyright issues

Who owns the audio? Does it matter? Would it benefit Instagram to allow music copyright infringement on their app? There are too many reasons why they would rather NOT deal with potential copyright problems.

3. Ownership

If you create original audio on Instagram, who owns it? That's right... Instagram. Not you. And imagine how much you help THEM by creating original audio on their platform. 

(If you're disgusted by number three, remember this is a partnership. You use the tool and they use the content you create on it. Everyone can win.)

Try making more original audio. See what changes and if you experience more visibility and growth. Get creative. You can do it!