Unbox it!

brand influencers marketing Oct 14, 2022

Do you remember the kids on YouTube who were making millions of dollars every year by "unboxing" toys?



It is often-mocked, yet super effective for influencers and brands alike. Unboxing is showing the process of opening a package or gift or toy.

It's not JUST that we wish we could open the same thing.

It demystifies the unknown.

What will the item look like when it comes in the mail?

Will there be protective wrapping?

What if it is smaller than it seems on my computer or phone?

So many questions can be answered by an unboxing.

If you have a brand or product, send it to a few nano- or micro-influencers in exchange for an unboxing video.

If you are an influencer, purchase a product and record yourself "unboxing" for practice and to show brands how you would showcase their items and unpack them!

There might not be millions of dollars for new YouTube unboxing channels, but the process still works for sellers and buyers in 2022 and beyond.