Want to learn more? Teach.

learn sprint teach Oct 24, 2022

There is this quote from Napoleon Hill I came across recently:

"The more one tries to teach a subject, the more one learns about it."

This is a truth we employ in our group programs, Sprints, and "masterminds" and it never fails to surprise people. The more you give feedback and try to understand how you can help other people, the more you learn about helping yourself.

For example, in our Sprints we have daily prompts. Everyone does them, reports back, and then visits the Instagram account of other Sprinters to give feedback, as well as support and get new ideas.

This is an amazing feature of these groups we don't discuss and share often enough. Because we can't guarantee that those participating in the Sprint will do it, but they always do. The feedback they give to each other is often beneficial to both the recipient and the giver.

When someone does a prompt and makes new content, they learn.

When they see how other people did the prompt, they learn.

When they give feedback on how others could improve their content, they learn.

When they receive the feedback, they learn.

This learning could be so much less effective if it stopped at merely making the content. That's only one part of the growth.

Seeing how you can "teach" with giving feedback helps you to understand the concept better. You wouldn't give feedback without thinking of the concept and principles more deeply. The deeper you dive into those principles, the more you understand.

By teaching, you learn more.

I try to remember this when I want to understand something better. Could I teach it to someone? How would I do it? If I got feedback about it, would I be willing to change and improve? Could I learn more?

The answer is always yes. When I want to put in the time and work. 😉