We don't want to hear about it

Nov 21, 2022

Prices are going up.


We hear about it all of the time.

We have heard about inflation and price increases and that everyone (including and especially) the small businesses are being hit with rising costs.

Because of that, our prices are increasing.


And we don't want to hear about it anymore. We are tired of hearing about it. Even if we complain, we know that's the reason. We aren't complaining about YOU, because it's not about you. It's about US. We are feeling strapped and overwhelmed, too.

Many of us are small business owners and know intimately that price increases are affecting our business. That doesn't mean it makes it easier paying more for milk and gas and shipping and dinner and gifts and...

So, what can we say instead of explaining why our prices are increasing?

Nothing. Don't say anything. Why do we feel the need to explain our price increases?

It's a totally different experience if someone sends us a scathing email or DM about how our prices have gone up. We can calmly tell them that we only do that as a last resort and wish we could have the same costs as 2019, too. Alas, it is super frustrating for us all.

But we don't need to promote it and make excuses on our social channels and websites and emails that our prices are increasing BECAUSE OF INFLATION, YO!

We know.

I had someone just explain to me that with their increased costs, plus advertising costs, plus black Friday deals, they will only be netting 10% on sales. To which I said, "Cool."

He just offered that up to me. I wasn't complaining or asking about margins... I didn't even notice that their prices increased. I was asking about a code he wanted me to promote and if it worked on all products or just some.

I left that convo feeling like I didn't want to bear any responsibility for their lower-than-usual margins. It did the opposite of what he most likely intended. I wanted to disengage, not feel gratitude for the opportunity. OR... feel sorry for their frustration. I just wanted none of it.

Because I KNOW! Everyone is dealing with price increases. Don't make it an excuse to add to my purchasing burden.

Just sell your product or services. No excuses. Only value and benefits and story to the HERO (the buyer).