What's for dinner?

content content system instagram social media Oct 25, 2022

Does that question send chills down your spine like it does for me?

When you answer the "What's for dinner?" how often are you met with positive response?

I'd say for my kids, it was more often than not met with disappointment.

Which is why the question is banned in our home.

In fact, if you ask me what's for dinner, I will say, "What have you got planned?" And now you need to make dinner for the whole family. (Granted this only works because my kids are 12 and older.) 

If you were to answer with "Burritos", you might get the response, "but we just had Mexican food last week." "Pizza?" "I had pizza at school yesterday."

"Cold cereal" is met with "AGAIN?!?!"

Seriously, though, trying to feed six different people every night (and all day, sometimes) is a feat most of us were not prepared for.

Chances are your parents were similar to mine and made the same few dinners over and over again. You didn't expect Thai food or Tikka Masala or Empanadas or sushi... BECAUSE YOU HAD NEVER TRIED THEM.

You had a few meals for dinner and that's great. It was dinner.

Now we have so many options. WE LOVE OPTIONS. We can eat so many types of different meals because ingredients and recipes are so much more accessible.

So why would you make the same three dinners over and over again?

Our social media taste buds are similar to our food taste buds. We want to try different things. We want new experiences. We want to support the new restaurants and get excited about something we haven't had before.

Why are you making the same type of content you have been every day for six months? Your audience's taste buds want to see something a little different. Add a little sriracha to your Reels or a little cinnamon chips to your Stories.

Keep us interested. Keep us guessing.

Surprise us with "what's for dinner" when you share with us. We are hungry!