Why not YOU?

creator marketing Oct 18, 2022

This stat blows me away every time I see it.

According to a report from InsightSlice, the Global Digital Content Creation Market is estimated to reach $38.2 BILLION US by 2030.

That's in about 7 years.

We are on our phones more than our televisions. Our eyeballs are on those we follow, interact, and communicate with MORE than the newspapers and magazines of last century.

Which means ATTENTION is on the creators.

So when people tell me it's too late to create content or start an account or write a blog or make a podcast or over-saturation BLAH BLAH BLAH, I say, "Wait. Why not you?"

Why NOT you?

WHY not you?

Why not YOU?

There is going to be over $38 billion spent (with a B) in the creator market. Why would you not claim your space and your piece of the pie in that?

Why not you? Seriously. Start now.

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