Why ORIGINAL audio is 👑

creator instagram Oct 10, 2022

When you're making an Instagram Reel, it's tempting to use trending audio.

Trends are trendy, so why not?

Plus, many of us have seen that using trending audio helps our content get seen by more people and new audiences.

Ok. That worked for a while.

Here is why using ORIGINAL audio is 👑 now.

(please note I am not saying you cannot or should never use trending audio. It can work. But it isn't the only option and there are better ways to try now.)

Reason ONE: original audio doesn’t have copyright or a third party license.

Even with background music, your voiceover or main audio can be removed.

Think of all the songs, television clips, movie clips, creator audio that can have so many people with copyright ownership.

Instagram (the business) would like LESS violations that they have to track, remove, contend, and measure.

If you’re making your own audio, you make it EASY!

Reason TWO: Instagram favors CREATORS

And Creators create original audio.


Reason THREE: Viewers are tired of hearing the same audio over and over.

Think about it. When you hear the same audio three or four times in one Instagram scroll—or hearing it every time you open Instagram—you can tire really quickly of an audio.

Trends can get exhausting. Our attentions are quick. We move on from trends faster than ever. So using a trend can work against you if you have a great Reel, but the audio turns them away.

Reason FOUR: Your audio can make your Reel more interesting.

With your own original audio, you can create another layer of interest for your audience and future followers.

How can you make it more interesting?

It's kinda fun to think about.

REGARDLESS... I think you’ll find more and more often that unique audio gets increased visibility and long-term views.

Will you try?